In Part One last month, I outlined the first four stages of Maximize Your Business Now, what is The Foundation. This month, I’ll cover the final five stages that I call The Structure.

Your Five Marketing Areas — there are unlimited ways to get your message to your customer and that’s the problem. The lure to keep changing the marketing plan to find the magic key is real. That is why I suggest limiting yourself to five marketing areas. Some examples would be: Networking; Direct Mail; Print Advertising; Social Media etc.  Five areas are important because it’s not too large to maintain, but also large enough to provide results.

Building Your Personal Brand – This is not what you do, but rather who you are. How do people remember you? What are the results that someone receives when they connect with you? I’ve been known as the ‘No Try Guy’, because of my story and attitude about the word try.  Your brand is what’s left when you leave someone you’ve connected with — in person or in print.

Networking — For many people, networking is gathering as many business cards as possible. If that’s all you’re going to do, I think you would be better off opening up the phone book for leads. Networking is nothing more than building relationships. To do this, one has to know the needs of the other person, and that is only accomplished when we actively listen. My recommendation when attending an event is to have a goal of making one quality connection.

Time Management — Time is the one asset that everyone gets the same amount of. The challenge is how we use it.  I developed a system called PINO. These four areas are:

P – Productive time. This is any area that leads to a direct decision to buy or not to buy.
I – Indirectly productive time. Activates that lead directly to productive time.
N – Non-productive time. While still valuable and necessary, it is any activity that is not P or I time.
O – Others peoples time. Any task that can be delegated to someone else.

Look at your calendar for the last thirty days to see how you invested your time. To double your income, all you need to do is double your P time.

Create a Spending Plan – Most businesses that fail, fail because of cash flow not production. People dislike budgets because they feel restrictive. That’s why I like spending plans. That’s really what we do anyway. Spend! I created a spending program that many have found beneficial. For more information, see my Financial Magic products.

So, now what? You now have the basic blueprint to make 2010 your best year yet. These seven stages are the same areas that have allowed me to produce multi-million dollar annual sales, when I was the only salesperson. I know this works for anyone willing to put their heart into it.

My final wish for you is “To Pay the Price Today for a Priceless Tomorrow

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    Thank you for taking the time to line all this out for people like us. This kind of write-up has been really helpful if you ask me.