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Love the content and all the speakers. Anyone looking to progress forward with their lives or business, now has the formula to do so.
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He shares an abundance of knowledge and experiences, along with intoducing us to some other amazing speakers and teachers.
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I love the knowledge and the will for Gary and his friends to help the community of people grow.. awesome, I wil definitely be back.
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By far the best value from any conference that I have every attended . Gary is a true friend, coach and mentor. You ROCK Gary!
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From Gary Barnes inspiration, motivation and business tips to the Board Breaking by Chris Natzke, this Bootcamp Rocks!
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I have been blessed to be able to attend multiple motivational seminars in the ranks of Damon John and Marshall Sylver .... Love you Gary!!!!
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Informative, nurturing, convicting, life altering mind shift.
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Gary is 100% authentic, and 100% able to coach business owners to greater heights and solid returns!
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Highly recommend this Bootcamp.
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Highly recommend this bootcamp
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I want to send out a shout out to my wonderful business coach Gary Barnes! I am so grateful to have invested in myself and found my coach Gary! He is one of the most brilliant coaches around. He rewords what you say and makes the words come alive and much more. Thank you, Gary.
Janiece Rendon
He spent considerable time helping me with what I struggled and answered every question, and did not ask for another appointment.
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Gary really cares about his clients and brings that compassion into each coaching session.
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He does it by truly connecting with each student, to understand the individual goals and aspirations, and offers guidance and instills courage to take the steps that are needed to move ahead!
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He does it by truly connecting with each student, to understand the individual goals and aspirations, and offers guidance and instills courage to take the steps that are needed to move ahead!
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I strongly recommend him if you are committed to achieve greatness in business.
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I met Gary Barnes at a networking function, then had lunch with him. By the end of lunch, I knew I had to ask him how we could work together. Didn’t have the money, wasn’t sure where I’d get it... but his intuition and background were on similar I knew I needed him by my side for a while. My time with him has proven it – he’s smart, sensitive, future-focused and worth every single nickel. Wish I’d met him 10 years ago! Scott Birkhead ~ President
Scott Birkhead ~ President
If you’re looking for a speaker that will change the audience and really transform them, get them involved and really create results, my friend Gary Barnes is the man, check him out! Kristie Frank ~ Speaker
Kristie Frank ~ Speaker
An inspirational story of claiming triumph after adversity. From beginning to end, Gary writes words of wisdom and lessons that strike a deep chord. I love...
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I have never met a coach who gets clients moving faster than Gary Barnes. He’s been the “secret weapon” of my business success, and I’ve recommended him to many of my students and clients. On Purpose Results distills his years of business experience into a streamlined package that gets results fast. It’s the next best thing to working with Gary one on one! Sonia Simone ~ co-founder of Copyblogger Media
Sonia Simone ~ co-founder of Copyblogger Media
Early on in my coaching experience Gary introduced the famous “Get” statements – 5 seemingly simple questions we were to answer about what we wanted but the questions were to be answered as if what we wished for already existed. We were encouraged to write these answers every day for 30 days. Intellectually I understood the power of intentions. But I was frankly shocked when on day 30 the solution to one goal that had a January deadline presented itself. I was talking to someone I barely knew. I didn’t ask this person to solve my problem. I am not even sure in retrospect how it came up that I intended to make something happen and was looking for a solution, I was reminded of the power of intentional focus that works once its focused. It brought a smile to my face. That’s real On-Purpose results at work. Patrice Patton
Patrice Patton
Gary initially began coaching me on my finances and then he quickly provided me with the value-added service of caching me in my business also. He is completely ENJOYABLE to work with and, even though we are still working together, I am seeing measurable results in both areas. Compared to last year, I have doubled my income in the first 4 months of this year! Karen Schatz ~ President, Virtually With You, Inc.
Karen Schatz ~ President, Virtually With You, Inc.
I have been with Gary for a year and highly recommend his coaching. With his help, I have doubled my income over the last year and plan to do so again next year. His advice has paid for the entire year of coaching many times over. He takes the time to help you design a business that work for you and for your lifestyle. He also pushes your comfort zones so that you are expanding your business in ways that you would not have done on your own but work for you. He helps you understand the voice in your head (the little genius) that tells you all kinds of things so that you can make the kind of progress you want to make. If you get the chance to work with Gary, jump on it! Andrea Vahl
Andrea Vahl
Gary Barnes shares his story of how he did not allow serious medical issues to stop him from achieving his life's goals. The title was intriguing and makes...
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If you are looking for someone who is a dynamic speaker, who comes from a depth of experience, 40 years of experience, you have got to hire my man Gary Barnes. He is a consultant who will revolutionize your business and your sales. He is a speaker who will get your people on fire to be cranking sales to grow your business.
James Malinchak ~ Speaker
Amazing! I attended your money workshop the other day and when I got home, there was an email waiting for me with a big YES for a feng shui consult I’d been negotiating for some time. Then I got an email today from another one. Thank you, thank you!!! Can’t wait to attend an expanded session if this is the response I get from 40 minutes with you. Kathie Seedroff ~ Simplified Interiors
Kathie Seedroff ~ Simplified Interiors
I finally got through your book, thank you! It’s great, it encapsulates everything that I “preach” about money on TV and to my clients. It explores mindset about money which really can be “the root of all evil, such as failed relationships”, it’s not the lack of money. I am glad that you address that and help people shift their paradigm. Denise Tova
Denise Tova
When it comes to setting goals, establishing mindset and breaking through barriers in your business, Gary is the best in the biz! His workshop is full of...
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When it comes to setting goals, establishing mindset and breaking through barriers in your business, Gary is the best in the biz! His workshop is full of...
Google review Hollie Clere View review
Gary Barnes is so professional and shares his wisdom and expertise with integrity and honesty. He is always giving lots of great tips!
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Gary is the real deal who shows up to serve. I was fortunate to encounter him at a 3 day Mastermind Retreat and all I saw Gary do was give and serve. He is a wise relationship builder and I am honored to know him. Andrea Reindl ~ President and Founder at MaxLife International
Andrea Reindl ~ President and Founder at MaxLife International
A lot to learn from a lot of great people! This was a weekend well spent!
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Facebook review Webb Alan View review
Gary's boot camp was absolutely fantastic! As promised, I had several breakthroughs that will help me project my business forward. There was a tremendous...
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Gary is top notch! Humble, caring, and so wise. I am grateful to know him and have learned from him.
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What a great Gary Barnes Bootcamp with great info and amazing people in the room. The information and techniques as well as the great insights is truly...
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Such an amazing Bootcamp, Gary really works with you to dig deep and realize that you can do it!! As Entrepreneurs it is so awesome to have someone pushing...
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Gary does a fantastic job getting everyone involved and seminar has great content.
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Gary has been very easy to work with; listens intently, and offers valuable in site for my business. I wouldn't be were I am today without him.
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One of the best coaches I have ever met! Very genuine, smart and engaging
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There's always a new lesson, mindset, elevate and separate that Gary brings to the table to help in sales and business growth.
Ingrid Pyka View review
So excited to be with Gary Barnes at the Breakthrough Business Mastery Bootcamp! He is the consummate professional and we truly enjoy working with him!
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Since I’ve started working with Gary Barnes, I’ve exceeded revenue goals I’d only dreamed of in the past. Maybe I would have gotten there on my own, but I know that it would have taken me a hell of a lot longer without his guidance, wisdom, and support. If you want to find out what your true potential is... then surpass that... you won’t find a better coach than Gary. Lindsay Sutula- Founder Sutula Marketing
Lindsay Sutula- Founder
Gary's book about being offered, then responding to, a medical diagnosis is filled with powerful insights. Central is the idea that we deserve and have the...
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I LOVE this book, so inspirational and uplifting! I had the great pleasure of meeting Gary Barnes in person and he is as genuine as he is kind. I highly...
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