Your reality is whatever your perceptions are.  Is the reality you are now living the one you want? If not, how do you change it? Here’s a three-step process that you can use to change your perception so your reality can be the one you want:

First, we have to understand what perception is. Perception is a belief. Unfortunately, it is often a limiting belief. A sample of a limiting belief is “I don’t deserve ______.” If this was a belief that you held, and you wanted to change it, you would have to deliberately design a new belief like “I  deserve _______.” This may sound like a very simple process. In reality it is simple, but at times very difficult to do.

Do you know what your perceptions or beliefs are? If not, to start the process of understanding what your beliefs are, you can ask a question like “What are my beliefs about money”? Then you write down the next thoughts that come into your mind. You can continue your discovery process by using the same question and just replacing the next topic for the word money. If it’s not a belief that you want to keep, you now know how to change it. To help build and reinforce these new beliefs, I recommend writing them every day.

Second, we have to change our actions or response to the belief. Let’s say for example that you have believed “I deserved to be fat.” One of the actions which support that belief is to eat a high calorie snack just before going to bed. If you change your belief to “I deserved to be healthy and my weight is proportionate to my height”, then an action to support your new belief could be to eat a light healthy snack before going to bed.

Third, is to recognize the result. There is an old saying “the proof is in the pudding.” Results don’t lie. It’s important to see what reality our old beliefs gave us. Is it a reality of an unhealthy body or lack of money or a bad personal relationship. Likewise if we see a result of a healthy body, a steady supply of money, and a loving supportive personal relationship, we know that our belief is supporting the result that we want.

Here’s the formula: Belief + Action = Result. The simple truth is this: If you want a different result, all you have to do is change your belief and your action. The key is to do it deliberately, taking full responsibility for the result. The empowerment that you will experience will catapult you to whatever level of achievement you desire.

The Sky Is The Limit.  Enjoy!


  1. unitary on April 24, 2009 at 5:07 am

    I love this blog!

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    Great Article!

  3. Gary Barnes on May 20, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Thanks for your comments 🙂 Always great to hear that others are enjoying my articles.

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