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How to Use Change for Greater Profits

We find ourselves in a world that is changing at a frantic rate. While it can be overwhelming, it can be very rewarding. The question we have is “How can we embrace change for greater results?” The challenge with change is that many times it triggers a fear response and fear can block us from…

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Creating Your New Reality

Your reality is whatever your perceptions are.  Is the reality you are now living the one you want? If not, how do you change it? Here’s a three-step process that you can use to change your perception so your reality can be the one you want: First, we have to understand what perception is. Perception…

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Living Deliberately 28,908,000 Times

Recently, I had a birthday and my wife wanted me to say how old I was. I have never been one to attach a chronological age to myself so I was thinking how I could answer my wife in a creative way. It occurred to me to calculate how many minutes had elapsed since I…

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