The number one question I’m asked is “How can I achieve my goals?” As I’ve thought about this question I’ve come up with three things that are critical to winning.

First, find your “Why.” It’s important that your why be clear and powerful to you. There is always pain connected to achieving your goals. Normally, we’re only able to go through the discomfort if the benefit or pleasure in the end is big enough.

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I had to find a giant why. My doctors told me I would be in a wheelchair or dead within ten years. That was not an acceptable outcome to me. My Sons were young. My goal was to see them graduate from high school and college, get married and then to be active with my grandchildren. It’s now been twenty-one years. Has it been easy? NO! Has it always been fun? NO WAY! Has it been worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!

Second, use the power of the team. I believe we have now entered the age of community. By coming together and helping each other over the goal line, we all win. Your team can take many different forms. You can be in a mastermind group, get a coach, group together with other similar thinking people in your industry (this works well in network marketing companies, associations, and causes), lead groups, networking groups and social media. The opportunities are endless.

What to look for in a team:

  • Accountability
  • Running at the same speed
  • The willingness to celebrate
  • Positive reinforcement

Third, power through the finish line. Over the years I’ve read stories where people quit just before they would have achieved their goal. I remember my football coach telling us we always had a little more in us at the end of a run, so don’t leave it in you, leave it on the field (I was a lineman and running wasn’t my favorite thing to do). I learned that as I neared the goal, if I chose to, I could always power through the finish line.

In business, we sometimes see time getting short for accomplishing our goals. It may seem that there is no logical way to achieve your production numbers. When these thoughts enter your mind, determine to finish strong. The difference in receiving your goals can at times come down to one phone call. It’s not over until it’s over!

What your life looks like twelve months from now will largely be determined by:

  • Your willingness to give before you get
  • How you think and the beliefs you hold
  • Your persistent and consistent daily activity
  • The people you associate with
  • Your ability to receive

My wish for you is for you to receive wealth in all areas of your life.  ENJOY THE RIDE!

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