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The Five Step Process for Goal Setting Success

Many of us during this time of year look forward to setting new goals for our success in the New Year. As I have worked with my coaching clients as well as in my own business I have found that setting goals is not a one step, but rather a five step process. Step one…

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Secrets to Achieving Your Goals

The number one question I’m asked is “How can I achieve my goals?” As I’ve thought about this question I’ve come up with three things that are critical to winning. First, find your “Why.” It’s important that your why be clear and powerful to you. There is always pain connected to achieving your goals. Normally,…

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Maximizing 2010 Results Fast

This is the time of year that we normally look at how productive our current year has been. This is important and gives us the ability to have a comparison for the coming year. The question then is “how to have a fast start in your production for next year?” I would like to outline…

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