You may be asking yourself who is Bubba? When I was growing up I remember stories about Bubba. When I asked who Bubba was I was told Bubba is the person that knows everyone. It’s the person you go to in any situation for a solution. What does Bubba have to do with building your business? I believe it’s critical, particularly in challenging markets, that we develop connections with Bubba to not only increase our business but increase the businesses of those that we network with.

Networking has developed into not only an art, but a science. I would like to give you some suggestions to maximize your networking opportunities.

The first step in connecting with Bubba is building relationships. I have taught a concept I call triage. When I meet someone my first objective is to find out where they have pain. I know that through my network of Bubba’s that if I don’t have the solution that I am only one generation away from providing possible solutions in my network. The key here is to connect with the person I’m meeting without worrying about how they can help me and my business.

Second, is to follow through by connecting those in my network with the person in need. I do this actively by calling both parties with contact information. In today’s environment, it is not enough to just give someone’s business card out. Life is happening at such a fast pace that even though a person would like to connect with your Bubba, life starts up after you leave them and your possible solution may go by the wayside.

Third, is to stay in touch. We have to be careful in a high-tech society that we don’t lose the personal touch. Have lunch or go to coffee, pick up the phone for no other reason than just saying hi. When people know that you truly care about them they will naturally want to know more about you.

It is also important not to forget to let your connections know of your needs. This is different from a sales call. A sales call is when your intention is to make a sale of a specific product or service. A needs call is sharing what your product or service does so that your contact can identify possible people they know that would benefit from knowing you. Many times the person you’re speaking with identifies themselves as someone that could benefit from your product or service. It is only by helping each other that we can truly maximize our efforts and results.

So, who is Bubba? I believe through our relationship connections we all truly become Bubba. Business and social websites such as Linkedin, MySpace, and Facebook are revolutionizing our ability to connect. I would love to have you as part of my Bubba connection. If you would like to connect with me my linkedin address is and my Facebook address is  Standing together we can make a difference.  (Look for the debut of Bubba’s Corner in our March newsletter issue.  This resource will provide you with tips for marketing and networking.)