You may think I have lost touch with reality when I talk about winning in 2012 when it is already November. Often winning any event is determined by the last burst of energy expended right at the finish line! Also, by keeping our momentum going now will ensure a fast start in 2013. Historically, December has been my second biggest production month of the year and January has been my largest production month.

There have been a lot of distractions throughout the year with weather events, the national election and the uncertainty continuing about the economy. I have found that when I have been faced with distractions or adversity they allow me to have a greater focus to be able to see the opportunities.

So what are the keys to winning? I believe there are three, Beliefs — Focus — Action. Please do not underestimate these three key areas. They may seem simple and basic, but they are the foundation that enables us to create strong businesses. So, let’s look at these three keys.

Beliefs — it’s critical for us to determine our beliefs particularly when it comes to looking at perceived obstacles. As I have worked with my individual coaching clients I have recommended writing down all of your negative beliefs first because they are more easily seen. This may seem backwards, but when you have identified the negative beliefs you can then rewrite the belief to the positive.

An example of this would be the “belief that no one wants to do business during the holidays.” While for some this may be true the positive reality is anyone that connects with you during this period is more serious and your closing ratio will actually go up. Another positive is when someone says “call me after the holidays.” This lays the foundation for the strong January results.

Focus — this is the ability not to allow distractions to take us away from our desired results. If you do not have a clear picture of what your desired result is, it is impossible to stay focused. Go out 60 days and determine what you would like as a desired result. Create a positive visualization that allows you to experience your success in advance.

Action — so, the big question is where to spend your time energy and money to receive that desired result. Some options would be:

Create a year end sale that entices people to act with a lower investment over 2013 pricing, tax write offs in 2012 and receiving faster immediate results.
Create joint ventures with your power partners. You can bundle your products and services with theirs and create a unique offering.
Partner with a nonprofit during the holidays. This is a critical time a year for nonprofits and they are looking for ways to increase donations. Be creative!
The actions you take today will lay the foundation for a successful 2013. You have come this far — finish the race strong — and win in 2012!

To your success