Change is inevitable and many times unpleasant. At the very least it is unsettling because with change comes an unfamiliar experience. As I have grown businesses and as I work with my coaching clients a phrase has emerged: “this feels really Suckie”.

I believe one of the reasons we have this feeling is the sheer exposure that change creates. I compare this experience to the existence of the Hermit Crab. Now, before you think I have truly lost it, let me tell you why. The Hermit Crab does not have the ability to create a shell to grow in, so they look for an abandoned shell. When they find one, they are able to grow and prosper in relative safety. At some point they outgrow the shell and have to leave the safety that the old shell provided. They look for a new and bigger shell to be able to grow to the next level.

The risk that the Hermit Crab experiences, is not so much in the growth but rather in the leaving the familiar and going into the unknown. You see, when the Hermit Crab leaves the old shell it is totally vulnerable. It is also vulnerable if it stays in the old shell too long. Agh. The Hermit Crab is damned if it stays and damned if it leaves. It cannot escape. And neither can we when we have outgrown our old shell.

Knowing this does not necessarily reduce “SUCKIE” feelings, so I created a new meaning for the word. For me SUCKIE means:

Situation Unexpectedly Changes Kindling Inspired Enthusiasm

When I need to change and embrace it as an opportunity the enthusiasm I experience is a natural outcome.

The word enthusiasm literally means God — Within. We are all experiencing change within our businesses, families and life in general. When I have looked at change as normal and natural I have been able to find the benefits and grow to my next level. I know you will too!

To your success