I’m writing this article at the Detroit Airport flying back to Denver. I’ve just spoken at a Chamber event as well as at the University of Findlay and at Owens Community College.  I shared with all three groups that ultimately everything comes down to one step.

A number of years ago, my son Chris told me he had a present for me because it was Father’s Day. He also wanted to be with me when I opened his present. Now this concerned me for three reasons. First, he knew it was Father’s Day. Second, he had a present for me and third (and most troubling) he wanted to watch me open it.

On Father’s day, I sat on the couch and Chris handed me a shoe box. I timidly lifted the lid and I saw a bungee cord tied down. Chris had been asking to go camping and I thought that was the present. Now, please understand my idea of camping is staying at the Holiday Inn. I enjoy the outdoors, but I want a real bed and shower at the end of the day. I also knew Chris was leaving for college and I wanted to build some lasting memories, so in my mind I said OK.  As I looked up, I caught a look in his eyes that told me I wasn’t going camping — I was going BUNGEE JUMPING!

Two years later, Matt (my oldest son) was moving to Davenport, Iowa. He also wanted to create a special memory with me before he left. Matt and his wife Kelly had taught circus dance at a camp in Pennsylvania. What is circus dance? Great question. It’s basically what you see at Cirqe de sole. Now I had a new adventure ahead of me. I was going TRAPEEZING! Look at the top of this newsletter and you will see a picture of me on the trapeze, and it’s not Photoshopped.

Why am I sharing these stories with you? Because in both adventures it came down to — ONE STEP. Sure there were many steps that I had to take to get to the ultimate step that would get me the result that I desired. I could have taken all of those steps and still never achieved my goal if I had not taken the final one step.  To launch!

Many people have invested a lot time, money and effort into their vision, but don’t receive the reward from these investments. I believe it’s because they don’t take the ONE STEP and LAUNCH. They get stuck. Both on the bungee tower and on the trapeze platform, I had to step into the unknown. I had the little voice shouting in my ears that said, STOP; you’re stepping out into thin air. I knew that in order to receive my goal I had to let go, and take the step into the unknown. In both adventures, a funny thing happened after taking the ONE STEP. I had to put in little or no effort to complete the experience. Gravity took over and all I had to do was to hold on and enjoy the ride.

I want to encourage everyone to take your ONE STEP that will unlock the future of your dreams.  Enjoy your ride!