Change isn’t good or bad or right or wrong. Change, in a word, is simply “different.” Our belief about the change gives it the positive or negative feelings. We do, however, resist change. The fear of the unknown is very real. So, how can we embrace change to maximize positive results?

First, accept that change is normal. Life would be very boring if every day was the same. The predictability would rob us of our creativity. If change is normal, then possibilities are unlimited!

Second, understand that without change we would not be able to create a vision of our future. Change allows us the opportunity to design our outcomes.

Third, embrace the fact that change will happen without our permission.  We can’t stop change but we can control our reaction to change. The very essence of change is energy which provides potential  momentum. Why potential momentum? Because we have a choice. We can be like deer in the headlights and stand frozen in place or ride the wave of change and receive new and exciting outcomes.

Throughout my personal and business life, I have had many changes that, at first glance, were negative. By adopting the beliefs and actions I’ve just shared, most of those changes have become my biggest triumphs.

Enjoy the Ride!