The number ONE is the most important number. A Three Dog Night song (if you’re under 30, Google it) said that “One is the loneliest number”.  Yet we strive to be “Number ONE”.  The number ONE is sometimes associated with being a “Winner”, but that isn’t why I’m excited about the number ONE.

When I’m speaking to a group or coaching individuals I’m focused on the “ONE”.  Why?

Every number has to go through the number one.  If my vision is to receive $100,000, I first have to receive $1.  You now may be thinking “DA”, tell me something I don’t know.  But, let me ask you, “is it easier and less intimidating to focus on the $1 or the $100,000?”  I would guess the $1.

Every project has a “First Step”.  When we skip the “First Step,” the project usually fails. At the very least, the end results are not predictable.

The most important reason why the number ONE is most important is that it is impossible to focus on more than one thought at a time. To experience this truth, think about something sad and happy at the same time. Frown and smile at the same time. If your experience is like mine, you now know what I am proposing is true.

So, what’s my point? In our lives we are bombarded every day with opportunities and options in every area of our lives.  How do we then decide which ones to embrace “First”?

  • Decide what “one” action is most valuable to your vision.
  • Ask the question “Does this decision lead me to my vision or away from my vision?”

You may feel like embracing one decision or task at a time is too slow.  What you will find is the results won’t add 1-2-3-4, but provide results that multiply 2-4-6-8.

Enjoy the ride ~ You’ll be glad you took the trip!  And please share your experience with me.

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