You have picked your product and or service to sell. You just know that everyone will want and benefit from what you have to offer. You open for business and what happens? Many times, the phone doesn’t ring off the hook and your website that you are proud of isn’t drawing visitors. You realize you are invisible to the very people you want to serve. The challenge may be your marketing plan. I would like to give you three suggestions to have your perfect client see you.

First, identify who your clients/customers are. On a recent teleconference call I did with Sonia Simone, Sonia related that a person she knows has identified his perfect clients to men with crew cuts. Pretty specific, right? So, how can you start to identify your perfect client? Ask yourself the following questions and I think a picture of your perfect client/customer will start to appear.

  • What does your client like to do in their off time?
  • Are your clients single, married, have children?
  • What type of personalities do you like to work with?
  • Do you prefer working with woman or men or does it matter?
  • What age groups do you like to be around?
  • Do you like to work with individuals or businesses?
  • What income levels do you feel comfortable with?

This is not an exhaustive list; add your own questions and you’ll see your client appear.

Second, you have to elevate and separate yourself from all of what I call “white noise.” White noise is all of the information bombardment we have from our surroundings. How can you be seen and heard above the crowd?

  • Describe yourself in terms of the benefit your client receives from you instead of what you do. I came up with “The Traction Coach” by seeing the people and businesses I work with get unstuck, thus allowing them to get back on track.
  • Create an image. My wife Sharon is a counselor and is known as “The Scrap Lady” and on the back of her business card is a piece of fabric. The fabric connects the concept to an image. Be creative, have fun and think outside the box!

Third, choose how you will actively market yourself. I teach in my workshop, Maximize Your Business Now “LIVE”, to choose five marketing areas that you will commit to consistently doing. Some of your choices are:

  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Speaking
  • Website
  • Print advertising
  • Joint Ventures

By becoming clear with yourself, your perfect client will start to appear as if by magic.  Next, enjoy the ride with more fun and profit!

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