You may be thinking that obviously you have to be seen to be successful in business and you would be right. The question is then – why are so many businesses failing today simply because they do not have enough people engaging with their product or service?

The answer that I have found over the years with my coaching clients is that they’re hiding, but it is not a conscious awareness that they are hiding. Wow, that doesn’t seem logical! That’s because it isn’t. It’s normally connected to an emotional response from a logical stimulus.

So, let’s look at some of the reasons why business owners and sales professionals wouldn’t want to be seen.

Exposure – in our world today most marketing allows people to see us and we’re not even aware that they are there. This “peeking in the window” can be unnerving and can also be tied to another thought. If they really see me for who I am will they still want to do business with me? While these concerns are very real I have found that because I still control who engages with me, that my perfect client will see me as their solution while still not being perfect.

Fear of success – while many people think that it’s a fear of failure that leads people to not be seen I have found that it’s the fear of success that is much more common. This fear can arise out not being sure of your ability to produce the promise of your service or product. There could also be a concern about if you received too much business, would you be able to handle it. Two things I would like you to consider. First, do you truly believe in the results that your product or services promise? Second, growth is always scary, so do you have the ability to ask for help? If you answered yes to both of these questions you will be able to overcome the fear success.

Not wanting to be seen as a salesperson – while sales are critical to any business most people do not want to be perceived as a pushy, “all I care about is a deal”, jerk. I have also had to overcome this negative perception of sales. The belief that I created and embrace is “I do not have a mandate to sell, but an obligation to share”. You are truly denying the benefit of your product or service to your perfect client by not making them aware that it exists.

So, what are some ways to be seen effectively?

Determine what your perfect client looks like. Write out a description of your perfect client like age, gender, industry and needs. Be as specific as possible.

Embrace your celebrity. What I mean by this is we all have a special story – sharing, not how you are better than your competition, but rather different from your competition. This uniqueness will allow you to be seen in a unique way and your perfect client will be drawn to you.

Get the word out! This can be done using public access television, speaking, attending networking events, using social media and videos, writing articles, blogging, newsletters and postings. Actively engaging in activities that allow your perfect client to experience you will drive them to you at an accelerated rate.

While this is not an exhaustive all-inclusive article on how to be seen, it will give you a good start. Take the risk to be seen. You’ll be glad you did!