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Are You Lucky?

“Are you lucky?” is a question that I’ve been asked many times. Recently I watched a show about time travel and as I went to bed that night I couldn’t help think about the events that led up to me being me. I realized that from the beginning of time that like a cosmic pinball…

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A Secret for Success: The Art of Prioritization!

The art of prioritization is the ability to put opportunities and tasks in order of their highest value. In a nutshell it’s organizing the mess. I do believe that it is an art, because one size doesn’t fit all. Over the years I came to believe that I could include every opportunity and request that…

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Enjoy the Ride

Over the years, I have had to learn to “Enjoy the Ride” of life. What does that mean? For me, it’s taking opportunities to regenerate, reflect and re-engage. There was a nine-year period that I didn’t take vacations. I would come to the end of the year and realize I hadn’t taken any time off.…

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