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The Power of “Yes”- The Secret to Success

The Power of “Yes” is simply seeing and engaging with opportunities that we are presented with. The Power of “Yes” is critically important because it keeps us moving forward. Not engaging in the Power of “Yes” we can become stagnant and stall in our momentum. This is where many businesses fail because the positive results…

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Failure to Launch

In the last few months, when I have asked business owners and sales professionals what they believe are the reasons that they are not getting the results that they want, I get similar answers. They have told me it’s the economy, lack of knowledge,  not enough cash flow, and that their target market is not…

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How to Use Change for Greater Profits

We find ourselves in a world that is changing at a frantic rate. While it can be overwhelming, it can be very rewarding. The question we have is “How can we embrace change for greater results?” The challenge with change is that many times it triggers a fear response and fear can block us from…

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